Dmitrii Moor, Bolshevik cartoonist and propagandist (1883-1946)

My favorite Bolshevik propaganda artist of all time might be Dmitrii Orlov, better known as “Moor,” who was active in revolutionary struggles from 1905 through the Russian Civil War and World War II. His drawings are just so fucking hardcore. Readers of this blog will have seen some of his illustrations for the militant godless journal Bezbozhnik, as well as other assorted propaganda posters. Trotsky named him as one of the USSR’s finest young cartoonists.

In this post I’m just including some of the ones I like the most. No real rhyme or reason to it. Enjoy!

 tumblr_npzq00jK1g1ta0q7zo1_1280 IN_1134_B_l Плакаты СССР- Ты записался добровольцем? (Моор Д.) 1920 00-unknown-artist-the-golden-idol-of-the-lord-of-world-capitalism-1918-20 Плакаты СССР- Помоги. (Моор Д.) 1921

Плакаты СССР- Петроград не отдадим. (Моор Д.) 1919 Плакаты СССР- Кто против Советов. (Моор Д.) 1919 Плакаты СССР- Красный подарок белому пану. Двинь-ка этим чемоданчиком пана в лоб. (Моор Д.) 1920 Плакаты СССР- Гиммлер, Геринг, Гитлер, Геббельс - Все на Г . (Моор Д.) 1941 Плакаты СССР- Будь на страже! (Д. Моор) 1920 Моор Д.С. Враг у ворот! Он несет рабство, голод и смерть! Живопись, графика, предметы декоративно-прикладного искусства. Плакаты zaucg3j3wWyNCikPdCZc Revolutionary_POSTER_Subbotnik MOOR, D. Wrangel Is Still Alive! Finish Him Without Mercy!, 1920 Lot 30- MOOR, D. Wrangel Is Still Alive! Finish Him Without Mercy!, 1920 H3884-L17312538 H3884-L17312475 9472141729_1f69f4d609_b 1395423435_0_99bc1_ff1de486_orig 24678_2_CompressedImage 012099_2 278_1a1000qwer 13 0_dbbc9_ed8d0c01_orig

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  1. One of the posters, the most stunning I think, (the fourth of the larger images after ‘Enjoy!”), seems not to be by Moor/Orlov but to be ‘Internatsional’ by Alexander Petrovich Apsit (1880-1944). Published by VTsIK Publishing, Moscow, 1918 or 1919. 107 x 70.5 cm.

    See Victoria E. Bonnell, who calls it “Apsit’s famous 1918 poster” in her Iconography of Power: Soviet Political Posters Under Lenin and Stalin, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997, p. 190


    I have enjoyed the collection you put together.

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