Image: Grigorii Zinov’ev, 1936,
mugshot after his arrest

The opinions expressed on my blog are mine alone, unless otherwise indicated. (I will occasionally repost articles and interviews from various other sources). They do not necessarily reflect the views of any other group or organization. No one else is responsible for them.

Moreover, having maintained this blog for several years now, some of the positions taken in pieces I’ve posted in the past may no longer reflect my current opinion on a given issue. This doesn’t exonerate me for having written them, of course, but hopefully it will alert the reader to the relative fluidity of my perspective over time.

That being said, however, any comments, questions, and criticisms would be welcomed.

6 thoughts on “Disclaimer

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  2. you have the best side of photographic documents. i often come across it. but your incapacity – your limits in understanding German, excuse me my straightness – becomes a limitation in understanding. I admire your courage and I would like to read your
    book on the „graveyard of utopia „. yours Thilo Hilpert

  3. I hope you don’t mind, but I have used a link to your online copy of Literature and Revolution to my post yesterday (Nov 26,2016) ‘EndPapers” in readingpartisanreview1930s.com
    Do let me know if that is okay with you.

  4. A blog on Modern Jewish Nihilism? It doesn’t matter if your opinions change—that is the real point of critical theory: as long as European classical values are eradicated, then anything goes!

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