Tankie Twitter on 9/11 “truth”


was gonna abolish the state
but then i got high
i won the struggle for power
but then i got high

now i’m signin’ treaties w/ Ribbentrop against the Allies
’cause i got high ’cause i got high ’cause i got high

Jet fuel can’t melt the man of steel [Stalin], bro.

Bong-hit time. When you gonna learn to taste yr weed, JoeSta?


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8 thoughts on “Tankie Twitter on 9/11 “truth”

  1. Tankie, bourgeois regurgitating marxist…. I love you leftwing nutters!!!! What a joke left politics has become :-p

  2. Ross, while Missuz’s talk of Zizek being ‘psyop’ is vastly exaggerated, mainly because he is not THAT IMPORTANT, she is probably the only Tankie in the leftosphere who even mentions the systematic racist violence in Slovenia and the fact that Zizek, who is some kind of a left hero for many in the West, supported the opportunistic seccession of Slovenia back in the 1990s. It is the Trotskies’ love of ”self-determination” that sank Yugoslavia, not Serbian so-called repression of minorities.

    Missuz correctly underlines the fact that Slovenia mainly abandoned the federation so that it could enjoy a huge chunk of the federal budget, which it opportunistically took with it.

    I won’t even get into details like Leibach’s flirting with fascism, which in the end turned out NOT TO HAVE BEEN a postmodern joke.

    As I think back on those times, I often ask myself, would Yugoslavia have fallen apart nevertheless, because Russia fell. But I’m not so sure anymore; had Slovenia decided to stay in the federation, we could have actually resisted capitalist invasion. The market was strong enough, and we certainly had the brains, and the talent, and the sympathies of all the prole brethren in neighboring pussy-whipped countries like Poland.

  3. Molly R. Klein has always been a hilarious fixture of the online left, and she used to push the same conspiracy-cum-media studies nonsense in the days of Lenin’s Tomb, Long Sunday etc. But she’s really a “New Left” type who dons “tankie” drag to impress the young’uns–all she really knows is Media Studies/criticism, extolling the virtues of ‘intersectionality’ ‘multiculturalism’ and other sub-political liberalism, and she is a technophobe who thinks numbers are evil (lol), vaccination = eugenics, Margaret Sanger was the devil, and so on.

    Of course, what further complicates the standing of this Communist Pollyanna is that she is literally a PORN HEIRESS. You’ve got to love this world.

    For more on her opinions on 9/11, see the comments on this:


    “From what we know presently, it is just much much much more likely there were explosives. Doesn’t mean there were explosives, just that it is much much much more likely.

    It is also much much much more likely that the financiers of this caper, who are deep state members of the global elite, had some reason to feel sure they wouldn’t be apprehended and executed when found out. Otherwise their participation is unaccountable unless we can prove them insane.

    the real problem is “al qaeda’ itself, for which there is only one good explanation (as a paramilitary network run by secret services).”

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