Assorted Soviet propaganda posters, 1918-1939

Here’s an assortment of early Soviet propaganda posters from the revolutionary period up to the eve of the Second World War. I found a cache of exceptionally high quality, high resolution scans. Obviously my posting of them does not constitute an endorsement of the political views they express, especially in its more monumental Stalinist overtones (being more sympathetic to Trotsky and the Left Opposition myself).

Red Wedge beats the White Circle, 1919 El Lissitzky Aleksandr Rodchenko, poster for books with Lilia Brik, 1924 Aleksandr Rodchenko, Dobrolet poster 1923 Battleship Potemkin movie poster 1925 Soviet tramcar service advertisement, 1920s.

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8 thoughts on “Assorted Soviet propaganda posters, 1918-1939

  1. I’m pretty sure some of these are by Klucis. I mean, no one else did photo montages in SU at that time, right? Also, not all of these are propaganda posters, though.

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  4. Just FYI, these are not propaganda posters. With the exception of like 4-5 posters out of the 50, all of these are advertisements. Sale advertisements, events advertisements, movie posters. That one with the plane is an auction advert. The scary looking red phrase with the two coins is the entrance fee to a zoo.

    Just because you see bold fonts and dramatic illustrations doesn’t automatically mean it’s propaganda.

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