Captioned Images of the Soviet Avant-Garde (in Russian)

The following images are taken from Selim Khan-Magomedov’s vastly influential Russian-language book, Архитектура советского авангарда (Architecture of the Soviet Avant-Garde).  They are captioned in Russian.  Since the book includes so many excellent photos, and because it would take several weeks to match up all of the names with all of the images, I am choosing just to post the most relevant pages here.  Just click the following link:

Architecture of the Soviet Avant-Garde, by Selim Khan-Magomedov

One thought on “Captioned Images of the Soviet Avant-Garde (in Russian)

  1. I’m using one of the pages, as wallpaper on my computer screen.

    OT: A major union leader in Pittsburg, is supporting the Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor. He said Trumka’s statement allows him that option.

    Some sects said we should expose Trumka as a bureaucrat, not to be trusted. More true than not. It doesn’t get you anywhere.

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