Another Batch of Soviet Avant-Garde Architectural Journals (Free PDFs)

Plan for "New Moscow" (April 1929)

Here’s another batch of early Soviet avant-garde architectural journals, from between 1929-1930.  The 1929 one is the one I most recently worked on; the others were converted into PDFs back before I had perfected the method of separating out the text from the rest of the page.  As a result, these are all in grayscale, though they remain very readable.  The image quality is a little lower than on my more recent uploads.  But here they are, so enjoy!

  1. Строительство Москвы – (1929) – № 4
  2. Строительство Москвы – (1930) – № 7
  3. Строительство Москвы – (1930) – № 8/9
  4. Строительство Москвы – (1930) – № 10
  5. Строительство Москвы – (1930) – № 12

5 thoughts on “Another Batch of Soviet Avant-Garde Architectural Journals (Free PDFs)

  1. Dear Ross,
    this posts are a few years old now but I was wondering if you still have the pdf’s of this journals. I am currently writing my masters thesis on soviet shell structures until 1945. Reportedly in one of the 1929 issues is an article about a patent for hyperboloid concrete shells and I am desperately searching for it. Unfortunately the volumes I could find start at year 1930. Could you maybe help out?
    Thank you very much in advance!!

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