Журнал Искусство (1923-1928) / The Journal Art (1923-1928) Full-Text PDFs

Serov's "Lenin Giving a Speech to Workers," in a More Realist Style

Not quite as revolutionary as the artists of VKhUTEMAS/VKhUTEIN, the  more conservative academicians at GAKhN did produce several noteworthy publications on art and literature in the 1920s.  Here are just a few of them, more later:

Искусство (1923) No. 1

Искусство (1925) No. 2

Искусство (1927) No. 1

Искусство (1927) No. 2-3

Искусство (1927) No. 4

Искусство (1928) No. 1-2

Искусство (1928) No. 3-4


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  1. Да, конечно! Читаю русский язык, и говорю по-русский также. Читаю луще. Ты читаешь тоже?

    But yeah, these particular ones I found linked from a Russian livejournal account. They love Livejournal, for whatever reason. But there are many PDFs I’ve uploaded that I’ve actually digitized from microform. Browse back a page or two and you’ll find more.

    • Ah, I see. By the way, have you noticed how Levi stopped trying to debate me on that post? I don’t know if it was from frustration or if he maybe felt he was overmatched. Anyway, he initially lent his support to this long comment by “Stanley,” a comment that actually reinforced all the points I was making. He must have only read it superficially. He just wrote, “Nice post, Stanley!” But after I pointed out that Stanley was actually supporting my position and not his, he went back and edited his previous post. What’s his deal?

  2. He cannot lose, he must always win every single argument, especially if it is on his blog – he will block your comments, or only approve those he agrees with so it looks as though you are the only idiot and everyone’s agreeing with him etc etc. It’s called “public relations” – he needs comments to create an illusion of public dialogue, of “discussion” but as soon as he gets a discussion going he gets all pissy and irritated, demands you assume he knows what he is talking about (and often he doesn’t), chastises you if you’re rude and then just drop it and never comes back to it. I’ve been reading his blog off and on for the past 4 years and I’m yet to see any real productive exchange – it’s a waste. Now I only read it to entertain myself (and friends, of course – there’s almost never a week without an email that starts with “Did you see this [link to Larval Subjects]? How stupid is that?”) – so don’t feel bad about it, happens to most of us…

    • Well, when it comes to the subject of Marxism, or whatever he thinks Marxism is based on his uninspired reading of the Manifesto and nothing else, it’s rather obvious that he has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s unable to follow even a single reference I make to the history of Marxism…it’s as if the reform vs. revolution debate between Bernstein and his followers against Kautsky, Luxemburg, and Lenin never took place. If he was aware of it, he wouldn’t be calling for all these halfhearted, watered-down social-democratic measures of state welfare, expanding bureaucracies (again, very un-Marxist), and better government regulation of business, as if that will have the slightest effect on capitalism. It’s just absurd, and when I tore his precious identity politics to shreds before his very eyes he accused me of homophobia, sexism, and racism. Laughable, really. A bad joke.

  3. I agree. What he thinks is Marxist isn’t Marxism as all, it’s what he wishes Marxism would be – a kind of neutered social democracy with a lot of group-hugs and awesomeness. And whatever those comments about “universalism of difference” were, they were strange as well – what is universalism of difference? that everyone is universally different?

    • That’s why I was so surprised when he described himself as a “committed Marxist.” And I’m with you on the whole “universalism of difference.” It can’t be complete difference, in any case, if it’s a universal category that applies to all beings. They would at least share that in common. But again, I don’t know what he was blathering on about.

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