The Major Works of Iakov Chernikhov

Many thanks to for making available the following major works of the famed Russian avant-garde architect Iakov Chernikhov, which I have converted into PDF form and rendered searchable:

1. Яков Чернихов — 101 архитектурная фантазия (1927) [101 Architectural Fantasies]

2. Яков Чернихов — Основы Современной Архитектуры (1930) [The Fundamentals of Modern Architecture]

3. Яков Чернихов — Конструкция машинных и архитектурных форм (1933) [The Construction of Machine and Architectural Forms, of which I have recently posted an excellent full-text translation by the late Catherine Cooke]

An additional thank you to Arch-Grafika for crediting my work in uploading Izvestiia ASNOVA.

2 thoughts on “The Major Works of Iakov Chernikhov

  1. Thank you so much, this is beyond fantastic. I’ve been looking for these books for ages! Alas I cannot read russian, but still…

    Your efforts with this blog are appreciated, for a lot of information like this is really hard to find these days. If only it was possible to get high-quality scans, or even a reprint! So much out-of-print literature kept away in private collections and libraries…

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