The Major Works of Iakov Chernikhov

Many thanks to for making available the following major works of the famed Russian avant-garde architect Iakov Chernikhov, which I have converted into PDF form and rendered searchable:

1. Яков Чернихов — 101 архитектурная фантазия (1927) [101 Architectural Fantasies]

2. Яков Чернихов — Основы Современной Архитектуры (1930) [The Fundamentals of Modern Architecture]

3. Яков Чернихов — Конструкция машинных и архитектурных форм (1933) [The Construction of Machine and Architectural Forms, of which I have recently posted an excellent full-text translation by the late Catherine Cooke]

An additional thank you to Arch-Grafika for crediting my work in uploading Izvestiia ASNOVA.

3 thoughts on “The Major Works of Iakov Chernikhov

  1. Thank you so much, this is beyond fantastic. I’ve been looking for these books for ages! Alas I cannot read russian, but still…

    Your efforts with this blog are appreciated, for a lot of information like this is really hard to find these days. If only it was possible to get high-quality scans, or even a reprint! So much out-of-print literature kept away in private collections and libraries…

  2. the 101 architectural fantasies link is dead, could you repost it if possible or could you help with another source cheers!

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