Soviet Constructivist Architecture – Blueprints and Realizations

The following pictures are examples of architecture built in the Soviet Constructivist style, a style founded by the Vesnin brothers (Aleksandr, Leonid, and Viktor) along with Moisei Ginzburg between 1923-1925.  Officially, the Society of Modern Architects (OSA) was the main organ for all Constructivist architecture.  However, I have also included pieces which clearly exemplify the Constructivist style, even if the architects involved were not technically members of OSA.  Both blueprints and photographs of the eventual realizations of their plans are shown here:

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OSA’s Modern Architecture (Современная архитектура)


Современная архитектура

Tomorrow I am going to finally get a chance to take a look at the physical copies of Sovremennaia arkhitektura’s full run, from 1926-1930.  I have looked through virtually the entire journal before on microfilm, but this will be the first time I actually handle the documents themselves.  Anyway, I’m bringing my camera.  Expect PDFs.