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  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog these past months and I have a question for you.

    What is your opinion of the communist architecture built in Brazil during the period of roughly between 1950-1980 or so? To be more specific I am referring to the work of Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Vilanova Artigas, and others of the Paulist school.

    Do you consider their socially oriented work relevant when discussing socialist architecture? Anyway, I am merely interested in what you have to offer on this subject because the work of these architects has been a great inspiration for me personally.

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    • La arquitectura brasilera que mencionas no es socialista, es exelente arquitectura moderna, la cual solo pueden pagar la clase burguesa.

      El modelo socioeconomico que lo hizo posible no es socialista, solo se trato de un modelo nacional burgues que busco desarrolar un capitalismo nacional.

  2. I just read the excellent essay on decolonialism (“Decolonial” dead-end: Houria Bouteldja and the new indigenism beyond Left and Right) and wanted to congratulate you on it. Recently, in an online discussion with John Halle, who was touting Gerald Horne’s The Counter-Revolution of 1776 as the authoritative interpretation of the American Revolution, I also cited your critical review of this book, with which I agree strongly. John Halle was not amused. He also had no answer to the evidence presented in your review. Please keep up the good work. Leftist discourse is in desperate need of clear, professional-level writing.

    • lieber Christopher, spar Dir die Zeit selbst “Kommunisten ” sind sich darüber im klaren, dass seine Theorien unreal sind! Das einzige was man über die Kommunisten sagt stimmt: wer mit 20 kein Kommunist ist hat kein Herz, wer mit 35-40 noch Kommunist ist hat keinen Verstand”

  3. AnnieJ
    JANUARY 27, 2017 AT 10:26 AM
    Its a bit previous, as the brits like to say, to reply to a post from 2014, but I had never before read this discussion by Shapiro, and I think it is wonderful!!! Very cheering in the face of the inflated poeticisation of the Heidegger text. I can see why my Ma had such a crush on Schapiro when he was her Dissertation supervisor in 1937.
    Also, your group of texts on Shapiro is excellent. So glad I follow your blog!
    (re: your post on Meyer Schapiro and VanGogh’s boots)

  4. Could Charnelhouse please upload Joseph Nadava’s book “Trotsky and the Jews?” It is highly relevant to the question of the relationship between Jews, Yiddishkeit and Marxism, and sympathetic to Trotsky. I am poor and don’t much want to pay for the book. I have greatly enjoyed reading Joshua Rubinstein’s biography of Trotsky on your site, and believe that Nadava’s biography (published 1971-72 by a Jewish press, can’t remember which one)

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