Cartoon maps portraying impending inter-imperialist apocalypse

MP Pavlovich [ML Veltman]
People’s Commissariat of

Comrade Pavlovich,1

I have arranged for publication of a school atlas (in Petrograd).2 It would be extremely important to include maps of imperialism. Would you not undertake this?

For example:

  1. Colonial possessions 1876-1914-1921, adding or specially shading off semi-colonial countries (Turkey, Persia, China, and so forth).
  2. Brief statistics of colonies and semi-colonies.
  3. Map of financial dependencies. For example, for each country ± with a figure (millions or milliards of francs) of how much this country owes, and how much it is owed;
    Also comparatively for 1876-1914-1921, if 1876 be taken as the culminating point of pre-monopoly capitalism.
  4. Railways of the world, with a note, in each country, showing to whom most of them belong (British, French, North America, etc.).
    Will this prove too much of a mixture? Convenient forms can be found, with what matters, what predominates noted very briefly.
  5. The main sources of those raw materials over which there is a struggle (oil, ores, etc.) — also with notes (% or millions of francs belong to such-and-such a country).
    We must without fail include maps of this kind in the textbooks, of course with a brief explanatory text.
    A statistical assistant can be given you for the auxiliary work.

Please reply whether you undertake this, how and when.

With communist greetings,

Vladimir Ulianov (Lenin)
Chairman, Council of
People’s Commissars


1 Pavlovich, M. P. (Veltman, M. L.) (1871-1929) — Social-Democrat, Menshevik. He became a Communist after 1917, and from 1921 was a member of the Collegium of the Commissariat for Affairs of Nationalities.
2 Reference is to the preparations for the publication of the Vsemirny geografichesky atlas (Geographical Atlas of the World), launched on Lenin’s initiative. The project was not realized.

1111 14054507_10208119983574717_4341188426381209528_o 2721592513_c130bfbba9_b world_around_1900 "El Manicomio", mapa satírico de Europa en 1915, Louis Raemaekers (1869-1956) See Translation 0WyLa52(1)trikoupis1940Vintage Comic Map of Europe Map Antique Humour 1900 - product image0WyLa22832-Lehmann-Dumont-2.Humoristische-Karte-von-Europa-im-Jahre-1914-1914Ausgabe (Sommer 1915) Momentaufnahme von Europa und Halbasien. Neue und verbessserteHumoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 18701854 Komische Karte des Kriegsschauplatzes1870 Humoristische Oorlogskaart1870 Nouvelle carte d'Europe Dressee1875 Das Heutige Europa1914 Satyrische Europa Karte1914-1915 Theatre de la Guerre Europeenne1915 Europa mapEurope and Asia1915 EuropaNouvelle Carte d'Europe Dressee pour 1870A New Map Designed for 1870. Carte drôlatique d'Europe pour 1870 dressée par Hadol. 1870 - Paris, 1870The European Animal, a satirical map made by A. Belloquet in 188214022143_10111456118069444_9159061057260644660_n 1854 Komische Karte des Kriegsschauplatzes 1870 Humoristische Oorlogskaart 1870 Nouvelle carte d'Europe Dressee 1875 Das Heutige Europa 1914-1915 Theatre de la Guerre Europeenne 1914 1915 Europa map 1915 Europa 1940 22832-Lehmann-Dumont-2.Humoristische-Karte-von-Europa-im-Jahre-1914-1914 14022143_10111456118069444_9159061057260644660_n 14051583_10111456064566664_2205426593470174122_n 14080024_10111456085649414_6585595071246082091_n A New Map Designed for 1870. Carte drôlatique d'Europe pour 1870 dressée par Hadol. 1870 - Paris, 1870 Ausgabe (Sommer 1915) Momentaufnahme von Europa und Halbasien. Neue und verbessserte Das-heutige-Europa Europe and Asia europe-comic-1940-pt_y7psjx Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1870 i312 Joseph Ferdinand Keppler - (Untitled Satirical Map Cartoon with Map of the United States) Kill That Eagle Nouvelle Carte d'Europe Dressee pour 1870 003 2722420558_8102039724_b

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  1. Great post! This year I visited the Imperial War Museum in London on the anniversary of the Somme. I didn’t expect much to be made of imperialist rivalry as a driver of the conflict. But I also didn’t expect the curators to provide, without any reference to the above menageries, a table size animation of dueling bears, lions, and eagles in the run-up to August 1914. If I was five years old, I would have been delighted, looking forward to studying history by going to the zoo.

  2. I love those caricatural maps. Thanks a lot for that!

    As to Lenin’s suggestion, you can find a map “Overview of the colonies of European states”, taken from the German “Brockhaus” encyclopedia, 14th edtiion of 1890, reproduced on Wikipedia here:

    I try to include a 294×240 pixel version of it here in the comment:
    <img src=";

    I used it to show the world view which generated the Zionist colonial adventure.

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