We must construct the Soviet dirigible fleet without delay

The struggle for lighter-
than-air dominance 

Image: “Let’s build a dirigible
fleet in the name of Lenin!”
Soviet agitprop poster (1928)


From an advertisement to appear on the text of a candy-wrapper:

The dirigible

The bourgeoisie come together
In order to separate us
But the Soviet dirigible
Flies along the border

Vladimir Maiakovskii
Moscow, 1923-1925

zeppelin zeppelin


Довести до дележа б
нас — буржуи кучатся.
Да советский дирижабль
на границе пучится.

Владимир Маяковский
Москва, 1923-1925

Soviet airships

3 thoughts on “We must construct the Soviet dirigible fleet without delay

  1. Interesting. What information do you have on the technical aspects of these craft? In what ways were they superior/inferior to Hindenburg-type airships?
    Some may think this Soviet infatuation with dirigibles to be amusing; check out this modern design being prepared for use by the US military today as an advanced military transport vehicle capable of landing whole divisions in war zones on short notice: http://www.aeroscraft.com/#/military/4565225603
    These vehicles are extremely useful in construction as well: http://www.aeroscraft.com/#/energy-division/4565064787

    Independent Workers Party of Chicago

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