Il'ia Chashnik, Kosmos (1925)

Studies on hysterical materialism

Three essays

Image: Il’ia Chashnik,
Kosmos (1925)


A brief overview of the recent series on hysterical materialism: its etiology, pathology, symptomology. Needless to say, these three studies represent a major contribution to the field of medical Marxism, and should aid in the production of new vaccines, remedies, and prophylactic techniques for the treatment (and prevention) of materialist hysteria.

Also, note well:

Masturbation is to eros what suicide is to thanatos.


Hysterical materialism

Klutsis, Composition

Historical materialism approaches every section of history without any preconceptions.

Hysterical materialism approaches any supposed “sectarian” with every preconception.

Unlike its counterpart, however, hysterical materialism is unable to grasp the historical foundations of
its existence.

Hysteria in Historical Materialism

Gustav Klutsis, Construction (1922)

Klutsis, Construction (1922)


History having ceased to take place sometime around 1991, material reality itself became hysterical.

As if History were playing a practical joke, the name of the journal where hysterical materialism became most firmly entrenched was none other than Historical Materialism.

The case of Comrade Hess

Iurii Annenkov, Cubo-futurist portrait of Trotsky as commander of the Red Army (1921)

Iurii Annenkov, Leon Trotsky (1921)

Recently, a certain Comrade Hess took it upon himself to warn his fellow Cliffites of the “dangers” represented by the Platypus Affiliated Society.

Not too long ago, Hess publicly succumbed to a rather severe neuralgic fit.

Upon hearing mere mention of the group, he spontaneously let fly an embarrassing string of frothing and vexed denunciations.

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