Lev Rudnev’s “City of the Future” (1925), before his turn to Stalinist neo-Classicism

Modernist architecture archive

IMAGE: Lev Rudnev’s City of the future (1925),
before his turn to Stalinist neoclassicism


An update on the Modernist Architecture Archive/Database I discussed a couple posts ago.  I’ve begun work on it, and have uploaded almost half of the documents I intend to include.  Only a few of the Russian ones are up yet, but I’m hoping to post them over the next couple days.  There are many more on the way.

Anyway, anyone interested in taking a look at this archive (arranged as a continuous text) can access it here.

However, this might not be the most convenient way to browse through it all.  For a more manageable overall view of each of the individual articles (detailing the author, title, and year of publication), click here.

3 thoughts on “Modernist architecture archive

  1. Hello,

    I’m an anthropologist, researching a PhD on the contemporary life of Rudnev’s Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, a 231-metre Stalinist monstet.

    I’m keen to find out a little more about Rudnev’s avant-garde phase. Do you have access to any more of his drawings, or other sources about him, that you could direct me to?

    I’d be monumentally grateful.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hello,

    I’m an architecture student and I’m doing a research on Ginzbung and his Narkomfin building. In order to writte this article I have to study this russian history period and your blog in being much helpful. Thank you.


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