A Modernist Architectural and Aesthetic Theory Database

Over the next couple weeks, I’m planning to post a flurry of full-text books and articles from the annals of modernist architectural and aesthetic theory.  After they’re all up, I’m going to catalog it so that it’s easily searchable.  They’re all going to be translated primary source documents that (at least to my knowledge) aren’t already up on the web.  With the Russian texts, I’m going to post the Russian along with my own translations, which will be forthcoming.  A lot of this material has never been translated.  All non-Russian sources are translated by someone else or were originally written in English.

3 thoughts on “A Modernist Architectural and Aesthetic Theory Database

  1. A great and incredibly valuable resource. I will point my students of urbanism to this, and post a notice over at critical grounds (direct link to the archive already listed in blogroll). Thanks for your efforts.

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