Speculative Heresy

Taylor Adkins from Fractal Ontology has invited me to participate in a new blog, Speculative Heresy, which will deal with issues of non-philosophy.  “Non-philosophy” refers to a position that has been expounded in the last few decades by prominent French thinkers such as Laruelle.  Authors from the blogs Naught Thought and Accursed Share will be contributing to this effort as well.  I am excited to have received this opportunity, and hope to do my part in this collaboration.

2 thoughts on “Speculative Heresy

  1. Dear Taylor Adkins,

    There is a positive feeling about
    The Speculative Heresies Website-
    Fractal Ontology, (Non-)Philosophy

    Like a hot magma running underground
    filling subterranean caverns, interstices
    soliciting and destabilizing
    in the positive sense
    cooling to sharp obsidian glass
    a zephyr of Circe’s enticement

    more temperately
    – a high level of technical sophistication
    – the sense of a new unfurled freedom
    to do philosophy
    – powered with philosophical enthusiasm
    (Socrates knew something about that)

    Be unremitting, dig deep
    keep the biting critical edge
    a passionate effacement
    in service of noetic resurrection

    As complementary to the force of thought
    Consider the elliptical strength of poetry

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    there click on to
    Fashionista PoetI
    Fashionista PoetryII,III

    Best Regards

    George R. Frampton
    Jacopo Rambusti Fashion

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