Leonidov’s Narkomtiazhprom [Наркомтяжпром Леонидова], 1934

“The foundations of the competition of the Narkomtiazhprom building must lie not in splendor, or in the florid trumpery of details and forms, but in simplicity, severity, harmonious dynamism, and pithiness of content.” Leonidov, 1934 Continue reading

Soviet avant-garde architectural negatives (mid-1920s to early-1930s)

Blueprint abstractions (all blueprints are anticipatory abstractions) of modernist building projects by Soviet architects Ivan Leonidov, Leonid Vesnin, Aleksandr Vesnin, and Nikolai Krasil’nikov. Continue reading

Georgii Krutikov, The flying city / Георгий Крутиков, «Летающий город» (1928)

Georgii Krutikov’s “City of Aerial Paths of Communication” settled for nothing less than the domestication of the planet. Continue reading

Современная архитектура: Organ of architectural modernism in the Soviet Union, 1926-1930

Architects of OSA, who publish the very well-edited periodical SA, set themselves the task to achieve a communist architecture based on a functional, elementary construction. Continue reading