Russia Shukhov Tower

This photo taken by Vladimir Shukhov in 1922 and provided by Shukhov Tower Foundation, shows the Shukhov broadcasting tower in Moscow, Russia. The Shukhov Tower, one of the symbols of Soviet constructivists architecture, known as Russia’s Eiffel tower, is now under threat of demolition. The Tower, built in 1922, has a unique hyperbolic structure, first designed by architect and engineer, Vladimir Shukhov in the end of 19th century. Russian government made a decision to tear down the tower due to surface corrosion and a threat of falling down. (AP Photo/Vladimir Shukhov, Shukhov Tower Foundation)

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  2. I know the cost to demolish this tower would be less that restoring it, but to demolish it would be like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when they demolished the Civic Arena (world’s first arena with a retractable dome), it would be a crime against engineering.

  3. The tower’s structural beauty is something to be preserved, not erased… If such an act were to occur it would be a tragedy indeed.

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