2 thoughts on “Boris Korolev, Soviet sculptor

  1. It is to weep. When you take a look through Ross’s archives for material relating, broadly speaking, to Soviet art up to about the mid-1920s, it speaks to the deep excitement, optimism, humanity, joy, beauty and, yes love, inspired by the creative spirit set loose by the revolution.

    These avant-garde works from poster-art to sculpture to architecture to music to film and poetry can still bring a rush of awe and wonder at the utter brightness of life and the lives depicted within the public realm surrounding them.

    State enforced socialist realism not only rang the death-knell of truly revolutionary futurist art, but also foreshadowed the disintegration of the revolution that inspired it.

    Thank you Ross for at least allowing us so many opportunities to admire it.

  2. uhhh, It’s been a long time since we had any information about Ross “not an arrogant prick and a harasser” Wolfe… Maybe is he hiding from someone or something???

    Hey, maybe Donald Parkinson and others want to greet you lol

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