Platyleaks 2.0, Ian Donovan, and the CPGB

Attached is some more ridiculous, outrageous, and offensive shit that Chris Cutrone wrote to the Platypus e-mail list-serve. I’m sure some of it was selectively quoted and taken out of context, but am not going to pretend that even half of what he says in here is okay. Most readers of this blog are aware that I was once a member of Platypus. Even when I was, though, I was bothered by a lot of the opinions expressed by the group’s “guru” and clashed with him often. While I don’t think any of this is sufficient reason to no-platform the Plats — especially compared to the slew of leftist organizations and publishing houses that have either covered up or sought to downplay instances of rape, sexual abuse, and assault by its various members and authors (the FRSO, Solidarity-US, ISO-US, SWP-Britain, Historical Materialism, etc.) — I would still like to make clear in no uncertain terms how utterly abhorrent I consider these positions to be.

Platypus continues to pose interesting questions and put together worthwhile events. To wit: Democracy and the Left, Anti-Fascism: Its Problematic History and Meaning, Marx and Wertkritik, and Neoliberalism and Its Discontents. For the most part, I continue to get along with and respect most of its members. Many of them do not share Cutrone’s bizarre or shocking beliefs, but unfortunately find themselves often tasked with defending his antics and megalomania. Here is not the place to go over my manifold reasons for leaving Platypus. Contrary to what you may have heard (that I was “pushed out” after becoming “too much of a liability”), I wasn’t expelled from the group. Rather, I resigned of my own volition. And though for a time I sought to rejoin, this was mostly because the New York chapter I’d invested so much time into seemed to be falling apart. A while ago I drafted a list of all my grievances, everything about Platypus that annoyed the living shit out of me, but decided not to post it. It’s all blood under the bridge.

Nevertheless, I do feel some responsibility to distance myself from some opportunistic remarks made by Ian Donovan against the CPGB, a British communist group whose work I greatly admire. Donovan describes Platypus as “the CPGB’s lynch-mob American ally” — a gross mischaracterization, as anyone familiar with the two organizations will recognize immediately. The CPGB is not in any sense Platypus’ “ally.” First of all, because the latter does not officially espouse a political line, notwithstanding the aforementioned opinions of its founder and president. Second of all, because most of the back-and-forth between Cutrone & Macnair, Parker & Turley, as well as others, has so far consisted of frank and open (though sometimes productive) disagreement. Many different Marxist and anarchist organizations have engaged with Platypus, seldom out of the concordance of their views. Whether they will still to do so after this latest batch of Platyleaks is up to them.

At any rate, we would do well to attend to the real motivations behind Donovan’s attack on the CPGB. Just a year or so ago, Peter Manson authored a devastating article exposing antisemitic statements made by Donovan during his stint on Left Unity’s Communist Platform. Manson explained how Donovan’s notion of a “pan-national Jewish bourgeoisie” in Israel, included in his awful Draft Theses on the Jews and Modern Imperialism, is plainly antisemitism masquerading as anti-Zionism. Yassamine Mather of the CPGB also added some cutting criticism, and Manson appended the motion on antisemitism prepared by Jack Conrad and Moshé Machover in response to Donovan. I highly recommend reading it.

So, to summarize: I’m publishing here the leaked “highlights” of Cutrone’s e-mails to the Platypus list-serve. Clearly I’m not singling out Platypus, since I’ve publicized “Internal Bulletins” from the ISO and some (now-redacted) information regarding Solidarity in the past. Nor do I intend to shield Platypus from such publicity out of a misbegotten sense of loyalty to my former organization. That said, Ian Donovan’s attempt to tar the CPGB’s reputation in light of these leaked e-mails is completely illegitimate.

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  1. Thanks for making this clear. Especially since Weekly Worker is one of the most valuable publications on the Anglophone Left (though unless you’re already familiar with Marxist thought you’re usually going to be completely lost reading it; but Mike Macnair and Ben Lewis, to name two, are some of best Marxist scholars around right now).

  2. There is nothing opportunistic in my criticism of the CPGB over this. I have been criticising them for their anti-anti-racism both before their purge of me from the Communist Platform almost a year ago, and long before this Platypus business. For evidence of this, I quote the remarks of the same Mike MacNair during the purge a year ago, when he wrote that my views were:
    “a terrible example of how prioritising “anti-imperialism” and “anti-racism” above class can lead you in the end to red-brown politics.” (see
    This is an obvious reference to the fact that even before they made the allegation of ‘anti-semitism’, I was criticising their position that the ruling class in Britain (and indeed the USA) was no longer racist, and that the real problem was ‘official anti-racism’.

    As further evidence along these lines, I cite a leaflet which I distributed to their dayschool months ago, long before ‘Platyleaks’ titled ‘Blindness to Oppression, taking a Dive on Democracy‘, that quite clearly criticises their anti-anti-racism and Islamophobia over a notorious occasion when the British state overruled the electorate in a key Muslim area of London and expelled the elected, independent Muslim mayor from office. As a follow-up, when they slightly adjusted their position to one even more contradictory, I again sharply criticised their inconsistencies and their opportunist adaptation to specificially Jewish chauvinist tendencies on the left in terms of their Islamophobia (My letter was published in WW of 12 June, I also commented on their unscrupulous treatment of it in this item.

    Another example of my criticising their anti-anti-racism came when, after their allegation of ‘anti-semitism’ was put to the Disputes Committee of Left Unity (which for all its flaws is not dominated by one political trend) the allegations were dismissed. My response in the Weekly Worker is here, the full details of this investigation and verdict is here. I have submitted a further letter to WW, pointing out their hypocrisy and duplicity, which hopefully will be published in the next WW. Failing which it will be published on CommExplor.

    Not only were the CPGB’s allegations rejected by Left Unity, they were also rejected by the comrades of Socialist Fight, whose broadened editorial board I recently joined by invitation. This is an organisation that does take anti-imperialism, anti-Zionism and anti-racism seriously, unlike the CPGB who only play with these questions. I refer you to this Socialist Fight leaflet that was distributed to the CPGB’s recent Communist University event. This embodies my views on the Jewish question, which were first theorised and elaborated here.

    There is no antipathy towards Jews in these theses, just a concrete Marxist analysis of the reasons for the power in Western societies of bourgeois political trends like AIPAC and the Conservative/Labour etc. Friends of Israel. I would submit that these are not organisations designed purely to further the interests of US and British imperialism, but have a much more complex and difficult-to-analyse purpose and ethos. If you have an alternative analysis that actually addresses this, I would like to hear it. Simply hiding your head in the sand and pretending they don’t exist does not suffice in Marxist terms.

    The CPGB’s article on my supposed ‘anti-semitism’ is not ‘devastating’ at all. It is profoundly intellectually dishonest; if its ‘Holocaust’ graphic shows anything, it is that the CPGB’s hacks have not broken from the political method that led their political forebears to depict Trotsky and Zinoviev as Nazi dogs. The Conrad/Machover motion is profoundly dishonest as it tries to equate my views with those of Proudhon and Bakunin, without quoting even a smidgeon of their writings to demonstrate this. This omission is no accident, it is because my views as expressed in my theses have nothing in common with these ideologues of 19th Century anarchism. They are, however, extensions of the political method of Karl Marx (“On the Jewish Question”) and Abram Leon (“The Jewish Question: a Marxist Interpretation”). If their motion had been more honest, it would have excluded me on the basis of my adherence to the ‘left anti-semitism’ of Karl Marx and Abram Leon.  But then the anti-communist nature of the purge would have been obvious to all.

    Regarding the CPGB’s relations with Platypus, it does seem to me that they in allied in some sense. I have been to three major public events of the CPGB in the last year, and on each occasion they appeared to have the status of honoured guests, based in part on a shared anti-anti-imperialism. My comment on Communist Explorations reflects the reality of the CPGB’s relations with Platypus as I see it:
    “The CPGB is contemptuous of formal international ties between small groupings, deriding such things as ‘oil-slick internationals’. It does not have really have any formal ties therefore. Its relations are pretty informal. But that does not mean they do not exist. If a particular trend is repeatedly invited to public events and treated as an honoured guest, as opposed to other trends that are treated with contempt and smeared, and when representatives both trends join in such denunciation of anti-imperialism and even ‘anti-semitism’, it is not unreasonable to call them allies over those questions at least (which both trends regard as pretty important).
    Mike McNair is also the leader of a minority in the CPGB that openly rejects Lenin’s theory of imperialism, among other things. It is difficult therefore to positively pin his views on the CPGB majority trend. But they do appear to act in a very broad sense as allies on the international arena, with their common pretence of openness to debate and their common anti-anti-imperialism. Therefore in a broad brush sense, I think it is appropriate to refer to them as allied trends. That does not imply that they have fused, many alliances are much more loose and informal than that.”

  3. Couple of minor corrections. The day shool where the leaflet on ‘Blindness to Oppression’ was distributed was of the CPGB front group HOPI (Hands off the People of Iran’) not the CPGB itself. However those there were the same people as those at CPGB events. Including Platypus people. So no political difference there. Also,it was Trotsky and Bukharin who were portrayed as Nazi dogs in the cartoon I was thinking if, not Trotsky and Zinoviev. No difference there either. But I like to be accurate.

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    Didnt you say she asked what youd name your first kid? Psychotik. You and Platypus should really protect your email better

      • I don’t really get how revealing someone’s relationship troubles is really productive. Most you can do is character assassinate, and even then, it doesn’t really discredit their ideas when they aren’t actually interconnected. Checking your uh, twitter, you’ve made me curious. Beyond his former affiliation with Platypus, what do you have against Wolfe?

      • Y’know, I don’t even care. You’re the one calling people “fatass.” Maybe I’m naive but I always thought that leftists were above that kind of immaturity.

    • I Hate to say it because I Find both of them gross but PAm’s constant harassmant and pressuring of ROss to have sex verges on rape. HOw did she not get the hint that he did not want to fuck her

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