International Socialist Organization 2014 convention bulletin

A preview of the International Socialist Organization’s 2014 convention bulletin was just sent to me from an anonymous source, effectively leaked. She asked that I publish them, but not involve her any further beyond that point for various reasons. Obviously, I will honor this request unconditionally.

Just scanning them superficially, there are some interesting bits that touch on subjects I’ve been exploring on this blog. Namely, there’s the question of Marxism’s (in)compatibility with concepts and approaches originating outside of Marxist theory such as intersectionality and identity politics. There’s passing mention on the tenth page of Document Ten of Chris Cutrone and the Platypus Affiliated Society, the organization that I quit several months back, for reasons that are well known. More of personal interest than anything else, really; of course, many members of the ISO gleefully participated in spreading the idiotic (frankly embarrassing) “Platyleaks” e-mails a year or so ago.

Besides this, there’s of course the emerging split between the ISO Renewal group and the entrenched party hierarchy. It’s in this context that Platypus is mentioned, incidentally, by way of an unfavorable comparison linking PAS’ methods with the Renewal faction’s. Conversely, Renewal raises the legitimate point of the lingering legacy of Tony Cliff’s brand of Trotskyism in the ISO’s current leadership. Practically all its leading figures were mentored and trained by high-ranking members of the now-discredited British SWP, and before the “Deltagate” coverup scandal first broke it appeared the ISO was about to achieve rapprochement with its co-thinkers across the pond (Callinicos & co. expelled the ISO in 2001).

1920. Второй конгресс Коминтерна

1920. Второй конгресс Коминтерна

The upper echelons of the ISO’s leadership, it must always be remembered, has been a rotating roster of the same individuals basically unchanged since the mid-1980s.

Finally, there’s also the matter of some reports of sexual misconduct by prominent ISO activists discussed in Document 19, which is almost surely cause for concern amongst the ISO membership. Especially in light of the British SWP’s botched attempt to deal with rape allegations between party members “internally.” A lot of it honestly seems pretty boring, actually. Typical of internal bulletins. Still, the persistent question for nerds of Trot lore like myself is this: Could we be witnessing the final collapse of Cliffism?

Anyway, there’s probably more in the documents. These are just my first impressions. Read at your leisure.

ISO 2014 Convention preview

  1. Preconvention Bulletin 01
  2. Preconvention Bulletin 02
  3. Preconvention Bulletin 03
  4. Preconvention Bulletin 04
  5. Preconvention Bulletin 05
  6. Preconvention Bulletin 06
  7. Preconvention Bulletin 07
  8. Preconvention Bulletin 08
  9. Preconvention Bulletin 09
  10. Preconvention Bulletin 10
  11. Preconvention Bulletin 11
  12. Preconvention Bulletin 12
  13. Preconvention Bulletin 13
  14. Preconvention Bulletin 14
  15. Preconvention Bulletin 15
  16. Preconvention Bulletin 16
  17. Preconvention Bulletin 17
  18. Preconvention Bulletin 18
  19. Preconvention Bulletin 19

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