Full-text PDFs of the Platypus Review

Reformatted for reading,
and not for printing

Image: Friedrich Engels and
the “hoax” of the platypus


Below are reformatted PDF versions of those issues of the Platypus Review that have appeared to date.  I make these available in this layout for ease of reading online, as the actual printed copies are made on a foldable broadsheet that does not conform to ordinary viewing from page to page.  It should be noted, then, that these texts are reformatted for reading, and are thus not intended for printing.  The versions intended to go to the printers can be found on http://archive.org.  My original reason for providing these reformatted versions is in case anyone was interested in citing from the individual pages as they appeared in print, something I have done quite a bit in my own writing.

Reviewing they body of work accumulated in the Platypus Review so far, I have to say that its output in terms of both quantity and quality of contributions, as well as in design, is far greater than I thought.  This comes as quite a surprise to me, considering I’ve been reading its issues for years now, and even served as an editor for several months.  Anyway, I suppose readers can decide for themselves.  Compiling them all here in one place makes for a nice retrospective, though, I think. Continue reading